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The McLean Estate Planning Council is a lively fun association of accountants, attorneys, financial advisors and managers, insurance agents, and trust officers.  We are an open educational meeting for anyone interested in estate planning or administration and related topics.  We look forward to meeting you.

The next meeting is on October 26, 2016, will be on the Financial Markets:

See Programs and Events for details and future meetings.

It is the floor comments and questions that are highly valued, but we never know when one of those are special, or maybe even change the way you do your business.  Some affect the standard of care, and some of those are in very unexpected ways.  Sacred cows can be examined.  Got an idea?  Come to a meeting and tell any member of the Board of Directors or write an article for the newsletter.

We can be reached at info@mcleanestateplanningcouncil.org. or by attending a meeting.

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